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RebelBees Warré Hive : Pure Outstanding Quality

There is only 4 ingredients in our Warré Hives :      Cedar, Stainless steel, Beeswax & Burlap.     These ingredients are blended and assembled with outstanding craftsmanship. Attention is paid to every little details. We like to think of each hive we build as a unique shelter for the Bien.*     No preservatives, no glues, no finishes, no rust or toxic residues from fasteners. Pure. In accordance with natural beekeeping principles.      Real thick walls. Twice the thickness than most competition. We produce the thickest wood & very best overall quality Warré hive available on the market. Undoubtedly, thicker walls results in a far more stable climate inside the nest.     Perfect customer service, support and distant mentoring. We are always happy to help people,...

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