RebelBees Warré Hive : Pure Outstanding Quality

There is only 4 ingredients in our Warré Hives :

Cedar - Copyrights RebelBees 2017 Stainless Steel - Copyrights RebelBees 2017  Beeswax - Copyrights RebelBees 2017  Burlap - Copyrights RebelBees 2017

Cedar, Stainless steel, Beeswax & Burlap.

    These ingredients are blended and assembled with outstanding craftsmanship. Attention is paid to every little details. We like to think of each hive we build as a unique shelter for the Bien.*

    No preservatives, no glues, no finishes, no rust or toxic residues from fasteners. Pure. In accordance with natural beekeeping principles. 

    Real thick walls. Twice the thickness than most competition. We produce the thickest wood & very best overall quality Warré hive available on the market. Undoubtedly, thicker walls results in a far more stable climate inside the nest.

    Perfect customer service, support and distant mentoring. We are always happy to help people, customer or not. We can even help you in the process of building your very own Warré hive.

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*Although they may be physically separate, if bees do not see themselves as individuals in the way that humans or robins do, there can be no separation in the bee's mind between itself, as an individual, and the whole hive. This leads to the concept of the colony as one whole being forming, to borrow a German word, the Bien.



''Well, I've received my order of three Warre hives. The quality is exceptional, just superb. I keep looking at them and admiring the craftsmanship more and more. They are done with pride, you can feel it. I work with wood too and I can tell that your hives are second to none. Well done Hubert! Overall, Hubert is great person to deal with, responds very quickly. Would be nice to have more people here like he is.'' -Andrey

''Thank you Hubert Pilon! Your woodenware is absolutely the most beautiful I've yet to find in Canada (and yes, I've looked for several years!). The thick hive walls and gorgeous wood are sure to please my bees. The craftsmanship is lovely and now I only need to plan the garden and wait for spring so I can enjoy seeing bees enjoying the hive as much as I already do.'' -Candace