We are Rebel Bees

   We are rebel bees

(by opposition to modern industrialized, mechanized, standardized and monopolistic beekeeping methods, beliefs and philosophy)


    We build natural combs

ancestral perfection 

home of everything

we are rebel bees.

    We raise our own queen

all over the nest she can roam

no man's hand to kill and replace her

we are rebel bees.

    We swarm when ready

ultimate superorganism behavior

bee colony apogee in natural reproduction

we are rebel bees.

    We adapt and defend

as we always did for thousands of years

no treatment or medication needed 

we are rebel bees.

    We need our honey

it will take us to spring and back flying

no man's hand to take too much

we are rebel bees.

    We need peace and calm

taking good care of the nest

preserving its scent and heat 

we are rebel bees.

    We love our home

a permanent & warm shelter all year long

allow us to naturally expand downwards

we are rebel bees.

We are rebel bees.

And maybe our guardian is a bit of a one too...

What about you? Will you join the Rebellion?



- Hubert Pilon, RebelBees